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Organizing your Home board
Organizing your Home board

3 ways to lay out your home board

Updated over a week ago

There's no right or wrong way to lay out your home board. But adding a little structure can help you stay organized and provide quick access to your favorite projects. Here are 3 common examples...

1. Shortcuts to Work & Personal projects

This layout provides a clear overview of both your work and personal projects.

  1. Add a column for your work projects. Fill it with your current work boards

  2. Add a column for your personal projects. Fill it with your personal boards

  3. Add a To-do list for important tasks

  4. Add some inspirational imagery

2. Project workflow

Use this layout to keep track of how your projects are progressing.

  1. Add a column named Upcoming. Fill it with projects that are about to kickoff

  2. Add a column named In progress. This is for the things you're working on

  3. Add a column named Done. Archive your completed projects here

  4. Drag your projects between the columns as they progress

  5. Add a To-do list for important tasks

3. Freeform & creative

If you're looking to add a personal touch, this layout is for you.

  1. Add shortcuts to your most important boards

  2. Add inspirational images

  3. Use the Pen tool to get creative and write notes

  4. Use color to organize projects into categories

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