Presentation mode

A simple, clean way to present your boards.

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Presentation mode is perfect for presenting Milanote boards to your team or clients.

It hides all the editing tools and goes full-screen to give you a simple, clean view of your content.

Start Presentation mode

  1. Go to the View menu (top right of a board)

  2. Press Present

  3. Milanote will go full-screen and display two ways to customize the view

Customize Presentation mode

When presenting, you can choose to hide comments, prevent editing or click to focus on specific cards. Milanote will remember your preferences for next time.

  • Hide comments: This simply hides any comment cards on the boards you're viewing.

  • Prevent editing: This stops you from accidentally moving or editing content while you're presenting.

  • Focus on selected cards: This allows you to click on cards and enlarge them while you're presenting.

Stop Presenting

  • Just press Escape on your keyboard

  • Or, Go to the View menu, then press Stop presenting.

Zooming in or out while presenting

There are two ways to change the zoom level while you're presenting

  1. Go to the View menu (top right) and adjust the Zoom slider

  2. Or, learn the handy Zoom shortcuts

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