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Save links, video, maps and more to your boards

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Link cards let you display content from other websites on a Milanote board. They're great for collecting inspiration from around the web.

Content you can link

  • Video from Youtube, Vimeo or TED

  • Audio from Soundcloud

  • Google Maps

  • Code snippets from CodePen

  • Images from Instagram, Dribbble, Flickr etc.

  • Presentations from Slideshare, Prezi

  • Prototypes from Marvel app

  • Spreadsheets from Airtable

How to save a link

  1. Copy the URL of the content you want to add to your clipboard

  2. Drag out a Link card from the lefthand toolbar in Milanote

  3. Paste your link & hit Enter

Link cards contain three sections

You can edit and show/hide the content of these three sections

  1. A preview image or media item

  2. A URL/clickable link

  3. A description of the card

How to edit a link

Edit the preview image & description

When you paste a link, Milanote displays a preview image and description that are retrieved from the URL you added to your card. The image and the description can be toggled on or off by selecting your link card and clicking on the Image or Description button in the left-side toolbar.

Replace the preview image

  1. Drag an image over the link preview image

  2. Hold it for 1 second until you see a black border appear

  3. Drop the image and your new thumbnail will be applied

Create a shortcut to another board

You can also use link cards to create a shortcut to a Milanote board! Just copy the URL for your destination board:

...and paste it into a link card. The link card will turn into a shortcut to your board!

Use the web clipper to save links to your boards faster

The Milanote Web Clipper is an even quicker way to save website links to your boards. It lets you save webpages, images and text with one click.

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