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Milanote Web Clipper for Safari
Milanote Web Clipper for Safari

Save text, images, links and video to your Milanote boards

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This guide shows you how to install and use the Milanote Web Clipper for Safari. If you use Chrome, visit Milanote Web Clipper for Chrome or if you use Firefox, visit Milanote Web Clipper for Firefox

In this guide:

How it works

The Milanote Web Clipper is a free browser extension that lets you save images and text directly to your boards from any website. See it in action here...

Install the Web Clipper in Safari

  1. Go to the Milanote Web Clipper in the App Store on your desktop computer

  2. Click "Get"

  3. Click "Install"

Once installation is complete, you should see this popup. Click "Enable the Milanote Web Clipper".

You should now see Safari's "Extensions" panel

  • Go to the Extensions tab in the top menu

  • Ensure the box next Milanote Web Clipper on the left is checked. This will enable it in your browser

Clip images

Once the clipper is installed, you'll see a "Save" button in the top left corner of images when you move your mouse over them.

Find an image you want to save

  1. Roll-over an image on any website

  2. Click Save

  3. A window will appear on the right showing your clipped image

Next, choose where to save the image

You can choose to save your image to one of your ten most recently viewed boards by clicking the arrow next to the Save to Home button.

Clip text

To clip text, highlight a selection and right-click it, then choose Save to Milanote. The text will be added to the web clipper. Again, you can choose which board you'd like to save the text to.

Uninstall the Web Clipper

  • Go to Safari > Preference > Extensions

  • Select the Web Clipper in the left-side panel

  • Click Uninstall in the right-side panel


I don't see the icon for the web clipper in my toolbar!

Check under Safari > Preference > Extensions to ensure that the Clipper is enabled - the checkbox to its left should be checked.

It's not giving me the option to save to my preferred board!

The list in the web clipper contains your ten most recently visited boards. If the board you'd like to save to doesn't appear there, just open it up in Milanote, and then refresh the page you're clipping from. You'll see it show up on the list!

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