Add images to Milanote...

From the web: Get the Milanote Web Clipper for Chrome to instantly save images and any other web content straight to Milanote. Download the Web Clipper for free.

From the Milanote image search: Search thousands of beautiful, free images inside Milanote.

From your computer: Drag one or more images from your computer straight into Milanote.

Working with images

Resize an image: Drag the bottom right corner of an image, or double click the corner to return to it's original size.

Add a caption: Select an image and just start typing.

Lock images: You can lock the position of any image by right-clicking it and selecting Lock Position. To unlock the image, right-click it once again and choose Unlock Position.

Crop an image: You can change the dimensions of an image while resizing by hold thing the Command (MacOS) or Control (Windows) key while dragging the resize handle.

View original image: You can double-click the image to open the original uploaded image in a new browser tab.

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