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How to add and edit images

Updated over a week ago

Bring your Milanote board to life with vibrant images! Whether you're uploading your own, using the built-in image library or saving them through the web clipper, Milanote makes it easy to add, edit and caption your images.

Ways to add images

Drag an image onto a board

This is the quickest way to get started with images - just select an image in one of our supported formats, and drag it right onto your Milanote board!

Use the image library

Search and use over 3 million beautiful, free photos then drag images straight onto your board. Powered by Pexels.

Use the Web Clipper

The web clipper is a free browser plugin that lets you save images (and text) from any website directly to your board. You can install the Web Clipper for Chrome or Safari.

Click "Add Image"

This lets you select multiple images (or files) to upload at once. The images will be added to the Unsorted column in the active. You can then drag them onto the board.

Image editing

Just like all Milanote card types, you can see the options for images by clicking on your image card once to select it, and looking to the left-side toolbar. There are a few image options:

  • Add color strip

  • Resize

  • Add caption

  • Edit (Draw on image, crop, download)

  • Locking in position

  • Add reaction

  • Downloading the original

Resize an image

You can resize any image by dragging its lower right corner in and out.

Add or remove a caption

You can toggle an image caption on or off by clicking on the "Caption" button in the left-side toolbar. Or, just select an image and start typing.

Edit an image

You can double-click an image to edit it in Milanote. You get the option to:

  • Download the image

  • Open it in a new browser tab

  • Draw on the image

  • Crop

  • Rotate

Draw on an image

Marking up images is a great way to take notes or give feedback. Just click Draw and use the drawing toolbar to change line-weight or color. Click Save and you're done.

Lock an image in place

To lock your image in place, right-click on the image and select Lock position. You can unlock it by right-clicking again, and selecting the "Unlock position" option.

Export all images/files

  1. Go to the Export menu (top right)

  2. Choose "Generate ZIP" file

If there are a lot of large images/files on your board, it could take a while to download. Milanote will send you an email when your ZIP file is ready, so you don't have to wait around

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