The drawing tool lets you sketch ideas, scribble on images, and use Milanote like a whiteboard. You can draw with your mouse, stylus, or Apple Pencil on an iPad.

There are two modes of drawing...

1. The Drawing tool

The Drawing tool lets you scribble anywhere on your board. Select the "Draw" option at the bottom of the toolbar. This mode is perfect for:

  • Giving visual feedback, see the image below

  • Using Milanote like a whiteboard to sketch ideas and brainstorm

2. The Sketch card

A Sketch card is a resizable card just for drawing on. This mode is great for drawing isolated ideas or scenes in a storyboard.

Start by dragging a Sketch card out from the toolbar. Then, double-click to open it...

And start sketching. You'll see a simple set of tools at the bottom of the screen.

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