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Color swatches

Add color swatches and palettes to your boards

Updated over a week ago

Color swatches are a great addition to any moodboard or project brief. They let you pick colors from an image on your board, from the color slider, or paste in a color value.

Adding a color swatch

Just drag a color swatch out from the toolbar. Milanote will choose a default color to match the images on your board and give your color a name. Drag out a second swatch and you'll get another matching color.

3 ways to choose a color

  1. You can paste a HEX value onto the swatch

  2. Double-click the swatch to display the color picker. Move the sliders around to find the perfect color

  3. Use the eye-dropper (in the color picker) to select a color from an image on your board

Change the color display

Color swatches display a HEX value over the color by default. You can change to RGB, HSL or switch it off completely for a clean swatch. Just select the swatch then change the display in the toolbar.

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