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Create a shortcut to a board
Create a shortcut to a board

Learn how to access the same board from multiple places

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Want to access the same board from multiple locations? You can create quick links between boards to make it easier to navigate around! This is really handy if you have a board that you visit frequently and want to add a shortcut for it to your Home board.

There are 2 ways to create a shortcut (alias) to a board...

1. Right-click, then choose Create shortcut

  1. Right-click on the board

  2. Choose Create a shortcut to this board

  3. Drag the shortcut to a new location

2. Paste a board URL into a Link card

You can also paste the URL of any board into a Link card and it will be converted into a shortcut. This works even if the board has been shared with you via secret link (i.e. it's not already in your workspace).

Just copy the URL for your destination board...

Then paste the URL into a link card. The link card turns into a shortcut to your board!

Original board vs the Shortcut

The original board is on the left. The shortcut (alias) to it is on the right. You can see that the shortcut has a shortcut arrow icon in the bottom left.

Deleting boards

  • If you delete the original board, the shortcut won't work anymore

  • If you delete the shortcut, the original is not affected

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