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How do I move a board from one account to another?
How do I move a board from one account to another?

A quick guide on transferring your content between two accounts.

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In this example, let's imagine you have two Milanote accounts ( and and you want to move a board from one to the other. Follow these steps...

Step 1. Share the board with your second account

  1. Log in to the account which contains the board you want to move (e.g.

  2. Open the board you want to transfer

  3. Click the Share button in the top right

  4. Invite your second account (e.g. to edit the board

Step 2. Transfer board ownership

Once your second account (e.g. has been invited to edit the board:

  1. Click on the avatars that appear to the left of the "Share" button

  2. Find the account you'd like to transfer content to

  3. Click on the arrow to the right of it

  4. Click "Make you the owner". This will transfer board ownership over to your second account


Now you can log back into your second account and use your boards as normal.

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