We've designed the formatting options in Milanote to be quite minimal. We want it to be a tool that helps you explore ideas quickly and focus on the work rather than sorting through font styles, sizes and colors.

You can't change the font size or font color in Milanote, but there are a few easy ways to add basic formatting to your content. 

  • Highlight your text and choose from the formatting options in the toolbar

  • Use the keyboard shortcuts below

Formatting shortcuts:

  • Heading: Type #  then space 

  • Bullet list: Type -  then space  

  • Numbered list: Type 1.  then space 

  • Quote: Type >  then space 

  • Bold: + B (Mac) or Ctrl + B  (Windows) 

  • Italics: + I (Mac) or Ctrl + I  (Windows)

See the full list of keyboard shortcuts

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