Lines are a fast way to map out steps in a process.

How to create lines

Option 1: The line handle

  1. Select a card

  2. Move your cursor over the small circle in the top right corner of the card

  3. Drag the arrowhead to create a line or connect it with another card

Option 2: The toolbar

  1. Drag a line out from the toolbar

  2. Drag the arrowhead to position as desired

Pointing a line to a specific area in a card

Drag the arrow to the desired position and hold it there until a small circle appears, then let go. This will anchor your line to the exact point.

Creating Curves

  1. Select your line

  2. Click and drag the centre marker to create the desired curve. Double click the handle to revert to a straight line.

Add labels

  1. Select a line and start typing

  2. Or, choose Label in the toolbar and type your content

Styling Lines

Add meaning to your lines with color, arrow heads, line weight and style.

  1. Select your line

  2. Choose from the formatting options in the toolbar

Shortcuts ⚡️

Create straight lines
Hold Shift while dragging the line end to create perfectly horizontal or vertical lines

Delete a line
Select a line and hit the Delete key or drag it to the Trash

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