Plan project timelines, budgets and more.

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Table cards let you organize data and content with more structure. They're perfect for planning project budgets, timelines, equipment, characters and more.

Use formulas (functions) for simple calculations

How to use formulas:

  1. Select a cell in your table

  2. Press = or select the Formula button in the toolbar

  3. Search for a formula or scroll the list

Looking for a specific formula? See the full list of formulas supported in Milanote

Format cells with cell types

You can use a variety of cell types to format and customize your tables. Select a cell in your table, then choose Cell Type from the toolbar to use the following options:

  • Auto - text and numbers

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Percentage

  • Checkbox

  • Text

  • Date and Time (this offers a range of date formats)

  • Checkbox

Note: Cell types change based on the data you add. E.g. If you add a date, Milanote turns that cell into a Date cell, so it's nicely formatted.

Add rows and columns

There are a few ways to add extra rows or columns to a table

  1. Drag the bottom right (the easiest)

  2. Right-click on a cell and choose Add row or Add column

  3. Select a cell and choose Add row or Add column from the left toolbar

  4. Select a cell and press Option + Arrow (Mac), Alt + Arrow (Windows)

Resize a column

Here's how to resize the width of a column:

  1. Select a Table

  2. Select the column header

  3. Hover your mouse over the column header divider

  4. Click and drag the divider to change the width of the column

It's not possible to resize the height of a row.

Move a column

Here's how to move the position of a column (or row):

  1. Select a Table

  2. Select the column (or row) header

  3. Drag the column header to the ideal position

Delete a row or column

To delete a row or column...

  1. Select the Table

  2. Right-click on the Row or Column handle

  3. Choose Delete

View tables on iPhone or Android

Tables aren't available on the Milanote mobile apps just yet.

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