Get the Web Clipper from the Google Chrome store

Save visual bookmarks & videos

  1. Browse to a website or video you would like to save to Milanote 
  2. Click the Milanote extension icon to launch the Web Clipper 
  3. Click the orange 'Save to...' button to send the content to the ‘Unsorted’ notes section of your chosen board

The last board you visited in Milanote will be displayed by default inside the button. Select a different board by clicking on the arrow icon inside the button, you can choose from your 10 most recently visited boards.

Capture images with a single click

  1. Hover over images on the web, a Milanote icon will appear 
  2. Click this icon, and select the Save button to send the image to the 'Unsorted' notes section of your chosen board

Copy text from any website

  1. Select a block of text from a website 
  2. Right click your text selection and choose Save to Milanote to send the text to the 'Unsorted' notes section of your chosen board

Turn on the Milanote button for text selection
The icon for selecting text doesn't appear by default. To enable this feature right click the Web Clipper icon (in the top right on your screen) and select 'Options'. Then tick the checkbox titled Enable selected text pinner button.

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