Exporting your work

How to download the contents of a board in PDF, Word, Markdown or plain text formats.

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Exporting is excellent for printing a board, sharing work with clients, or just getting data out of Milanote in a standard format so you can use it in other places.

To export a board:

  1. Ensure you're not working directly on your home board, since your Home board cannot be exported

  2. Click Export from the top right of the board

  3. Choose from one of our available export formats: PDF Standard, PDF Large, PNG, Word, Markdown, Plain text

Your export will begin processing and will download as soon as it's complete.

Export all images/files on a board at once

  1. Go to the Export menu (top right)

  2. Choose "Generate ZIP" file

If there are a lot of large images/files on your board, it could take a while to download. Milanote will send you an email when your ZIP file is ready, so you don't have to wait around


Why don't I have the option to export?

We don't allow users to print their home boards for security reasons. But this is easy to workaround - just copy all of the elements on your home board, and then drag out a new board. Double-click the board tile to open it, and paste your copied work inside - now, you'll see the Export option in the top right.

My export is empty!

Try disabling Adblock or similar browser extensions (they can sometimes prevent the exported files from being downloaded).

My board is exported to a single page - it's too small.

Our PDF and PNG export formats will limit your board export to a single page. If you're finding that you need more room, consider one of the linear export formats like Word, which will stack your content and allow it to be spread across several pages. If you're trying to print your board, check if your printer has a postering option - this will enable you to print a larger version of the board across several pages.

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