Step 1. Don't panic!

Milanote automatically saves your work every few seconds so it's almost certainly recoverable.

Step 2: Try using undo

If you delete something accidentally and Milanote is still open, you should be able to recover your work by using undo (⌘ + Z on a Mac or CTRL + Z on PC).

Step 3: Refresh the page

If your boards or cards aren't showing up when you first log in, try refreshing the page (or reopening the app).

Step 4: Contact our support team

If none of the previous steps help, you can contact support using live chat (from the help menu inside Milanote) or by emailing We normally reply within 24 hours (reply times for chat and email are identical).

Please include these in your message:

  • The URL of the board where you expected the content to be
  • The name of any missing boards or columns
  • The contents of any text notes
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