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How to add or remove people from Team plans
How to add or remove people from Team plans

What happens if you need to make a change to your team?

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How to add or remove people from a Pro plan

  1. Go to the Settings menu (in the top right of the screen)

  2. Choose View billing details

  3. Choose Manage team

  4. Add someone: Add their email address in the field at the bottom and press "Add"

  5. Remove someone: Click "Remove" next to their name

What happens when I remove someone?

  1. They'll be downgraded to the Free plan (and receive an email communicating the downgrade)

  2. They will still be able to add up to 100 cards on the Free plan (notes, images, links, etc.)

  3. They'll still be able to view and edit all their existing content (even if they've added more than 100 cards)

  4. They will still have access to any boards shared with your team

Will I be charged for adding people to my plan?

It depends on which plan you're on:

  • If you're on a Team plan (up to 10 or 50 people), you won't be charged until you hit your team limit (10 or 50 people)

  • If you're on the Pay-per-person plan, you will be charged for each person you add to your Pro plan. Read on to learn more...

Adding/removing people to a Pay-per-person plan

If you add a new person to your "Pay-per-person plan", you'll be charged for their professional account for the remainder of your current billing period.

Example: if you add a new person to an annual plan 3 months after you first subscribe, you'll be charged for that new user for the remaining 9 months of your current 12 month billing period.

If you remove someone from your "Pay-per-person plan", their account will be downgraded to the free plan immediately, and you'll receive a credit for their unused time.

Example: if you have a team of 5 people on a monthly plan and you remove one of them half way through the month, you'll receive a credit for their unused time. Next month you'll only be charged for 4 people, and this credit will be subtracted from the amount your card will be charged.

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