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Unsorted notes

Learning how to use one of the unique features of Milanote.

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Just like the name suggests, Unsorted notes is a place to put things while you decide where they should go. Every board has its own Unsorted Notes section, and it can be accessed by clicking on the "Unsorted" button in the top right corner of your board.

Once the Unsorted Notes section is expanded, you can add items by dropping them right onto the panel.

You can also drag items out of the Unsorted section and onto your board.

Who can see my Unsorted Notes?

Any visitor to your board, whether they have read-only or editor access, can see the contents of your board's Unsorted Notes section.

How can I use Unsorted Notes?

It has several important uses:

1. Brainstorming

The first step in any good brainstorming exercise is to dump out as many ideas as you can. Add them all to Unsorted notes as a quick way to record your ideas.

Once they're all in there, you can drag them out and start to categorise them on the main canvas.

2. Taking notes during research

Following a research session, the first step is to get all your notes out of your notepad and onto the computer. Adding them straight into Unsorted notes means you can record them quickly without having to think about categorising them.

Once they're all in there, you can drag them out and start to categorise them on the main canvas.

3. Storing related ideas

Often, you'll be working on an idea and have related notes or inspiration. Unsorted notes is a great place to store them. You can hide them away until you need them again.

4. A home for the content you're moving

When you drag anything into a board, it'll land in the board's Unsorted notes. From here you can move it anywhere within that board.

Shortcut: Add item to Unsorted

While typing a note, hit Ctrl or โŒ˜ + Enter to create one note after another. This will copy the source of the note across (if you've added one).

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