Press / in Milanote to display the shortcuts menu

Essential shortcuts

  • New note: Double click anywhere
  • Add another note, board or column: Select the object, press Enter (Mac) or Ctrl Enter (Windows) to create another one
  • Move around a board: Hold Space and Drag
  • Zoom: Z
  • Search: F (Mac), Ctrl F (Windows)
  • Delete an object: Select an object and press Delete . Notes need to be empty before you can delete them
  • Move an object: Select an object and press the arrow keys. Hold Shift to move in bigger steps
  • Mention someone: While typing, press @ and choose a person. They'll get a email notification

The basics

  • Copy: C (Mac), Ctrl C (Windows)
  • Cut: X (Mac), Ctrl X (Windows)
  • Paste: V (Mac), Ctrl V (Windows)
  • Undo: Z (Mac), Ctrl Z (Windows)
  • Select all: A (Mac), Ctrl A (Windows)
  • Deselect / Stop editing: Escape
  • Duplicate: Hold Alt or Option and drag the content you want to duplicate
  • Send back: Shift Down (Mac), Ctrl Shift Down (Windows)
  • Send forward: Shift Up (Mac), Ctrl Shift Up (Windows)
  • Add a caption to an image: Select your image and just start typing

Text formatting

  • Heading: Shift 1 (Mac), Ctrl Shift 1 (Windows)
  • Bold: B (Mac), Ctrl B (Windows)
  • Italic: I (Mac), Ctrl I (Windows)
  • Bullet list: Shift U (Mac), Ctrl Shift U (Windows)
  • Numbered list: Shift O (Mac), Ctrl Shift O (Windows)
  • Hyperlink: K (Mac), Ctrl K (Windows)
  • Highlight: J (Mac), Ctrl J (Windows)
  • Strikethrough: / (Mac), Ctrl / (Windows)
  • Code block: > (Mac), Ctrl > (Windows)
  • Quote: " (Mac), Ctrl " (Windows)
  • Underline: U (Mac), Ctrl U (Windows)
  • Indent: Tab
  • Un-indent: Shift Tab


Use these shortcuts at the start of a new line...

  • Heading: Type # then Space
  • Bullet list: Type . then Space
  • Numbered list: Type 1. then Space
  • Checkbox: Type [ ] then Space
  • Quote: Type > then Space
  • View recent boards (Professional feature): F (Mac), Ctrl F (Windows)
  • Go back: [ (Mac), Ctrl [ (Windows)
  • Go forward: ] (Mac), Ctrl ] (Windows)
  • Go to parent board: U (Mac), Ctrl U (Windows)


  • Toggle Dark Mode: Shift D (Mac), Ctrl Shift D (Windows)
  • Make interface smaller: Shift < (Mac), Ctrl Shift < (Windows)
  • Make interface larger: Shift > (Mac), Ctrl Shift > (Windows)

Merge cards into a column

  • Combine two or more cards into a column: Hold  (Mac) or Ctrl  (Windows) and drag one card onto another

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