Updating the Mac desktop app

How to ensure you're on the latest version of the app

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We're continually improving the Milanote Mac desktop app. Sometimes it's just small updates and performance improvements, other times it's a major feature addition. Updating the app is easy and ensures you'll get the best Milanote experience possible. If you're finding issues with the Mac app, you might be using an older version.

Update to the latest version

1. Open the Settings menu

If you're on an older version of the app, you should see a message to update when you open the app. Look for the flashing red dot next to the Settings icon.

2. Install the update

  • Click the Settings icon (cog) in the top right of the Mac desktop app

  • Click "Install update" at the bottom of the Settings menu

  • The Mac desktop app will close, update in the background and open when then update is complete. None of your content will be affected when you update the app

Having trouble updating the app?

Try downloading the latest version from the Milanote website. This will replace your current app with the latest version without affecting your content.

Am I on the latest version?

  1. Click the Settings icon (cog) in the top right of the Mac desktop app

  2. You'll see a message at the bottom that says "Up to date"

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