Here are a few easy ways to add images to Milanote.

The Chrome Web Clipper

Instantly save images and any other web content straight to Milanote. Download the Web Clipper for free.

Other ways to add images to Milanote

  • From your computer: Drag an image from your computer into Milanote.
  • Paste: Copy your image to the clipboard, then press Command + V (Mac) or Ctrl + V (Windows). Safari doesn't support this just yet.
  • From the internet: Right click on the image, copy the address of the image, paste the image address into a Milanote Link card.

Working with images

Resize an image: Drag the bottom right corner of an image, or double click the corner to return to it's original size.

Add a caption: Select an image and just start typing.

Locking images: You can lock the position of any image to use it as background for cards you want to organise.

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